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The Greatest True Crime Stories Ever Told

The Greatest True Crime Stories Ever Told is an anthology podcast series of the most layered and engrossing true crime stories about female killers, cops, scientists, lawyers, scammers, activists, and more. Hosted by true crime writer, Mary Kay McBrayer, this podcast tells the stories in which women aren’t narrowly defined as victims, but instead are the protagonists.
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Recent Episodes

Array - Show art
May/07/2024 Array
March Madness: The Royals of Malibu vs. Bad Influencer  - Show art
Bonus Episode: True Crime as an Entertainment Genre w/ Keith Wallman - Show art
Listen Now | Bad Influencer by Gabi Conti - Show art
Boudica: A Battle to Echo Through Ages - Show art
The Making of The GOAT:  Serena - Show art
S1Official Trailer: I Am Kobe - Show art
Dio's Wild Ride From Hell To Heaven - Show art
Trailer: Good Assassins Season 1 - Show art
Seven is So Sweet - Show art
Feb/12/2021 Seven is So Sweet
Trailer Season 1: The Dream Team Tapes - Show art

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