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The Shows We Watched

We all have love for our favorite TV shows. Those shows we went back to, sometimes for years, became like best friends. Each week TV aficionados James King and Emily Johnston take us back to hang out with those best friends and bask in the best TV shows of all time while learning nuggets that might surprise you. From the lowbrow to the highbrow, from the comedies to the dramas, from Gossip Girl and Mad About You to Beavis & Butthead, The Osbournes, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, explore the stories of our favorite shows with the humor and enthusiasm that connects us. The Shows We Watched covers a different TV show every episode and includes deep dives into Friends, Sex & the City, My So-Called Life, Frasier, Married with Children, The Larry Sanders Show, The Joy of Painting, and countless more.

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The Music

Listen to the original theme song from The Shows We Watched by composer Tyler Cash. Kinda reminds me of vintage 70s Harry Nilsson. Pretty fun.

Emily Johnston

Emily Johnston

Lifestyle blogger and influencer known to her hundreds of thousands of followers as @FashionFoieGras. Travel, interiors, clothes and showbiz—she covers them all. She’s an American in the UK and if there are any embarrassed fans of “Titanic” out there, fear not: Emily’s here for you. She wasn’t allowed to watch Beavis & Butthead as a kid. South Carolinian by birth but has called London home for 20+ years.

James King

James King

Writer, broadcaster, and one of the best known film critics in the UK, James King appears regularly on TV and radio shows including the BBC News Film Review, ITV’s Weekend and is BBC Radio 2’s resident movie critic, among others. James was the host of “The Official James Bond Podcast: No Time To Die” (MGM Studios & Universal Pictures) and is the author of several books including the funny and insighful Be More Keanu and Fast Times & Excellent Adventures: The Surprising History of the 80s Teen Movie. He has also made several documentaries for the BBC on subjects including the Academy Awards, the Cannes Film Festival, and Quentin Tarantino.


Host, Writer, Researcher Emily Johnston
Host, Writer, Researcher James King
Supervising Producer, Sound Mixing Mark Francis
Additional Producer, Video Editing Antonio Enriquez
Theme Music Tyler Cash
Recording Studio Voxpod Studios
Show Concept John Tuttle
Executive Producers Jacob Bronstein, Mark Francis, Scott Waxman

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