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War Queens

Presented by Game of Thrones and Fast & Furious actor Nathalie Emmanuel

Each week father-daughter team Jon and Emily Jordan examine the incredible stories of history’s most powerful female battle leaders. These are the brilliant methods and maneuvers history’s “killer queens” used to defend themselves and their people from enemy forces—and how each generation appreciates these incredible women. From ancient Persia to modern-day Britain, experience the daunting thresholds these exceptional women had to cross and the clever, sometimes violent ways in which they smashed obstacles in their paths.

History’s killer queens come in all colors, ages, and leadership styles, and from countries and cultures around the world. Elizabeth Tudor and Golda Meir played the roles of high-stakes gamblers who studied maps with an unblinking, calculating eye. Angola’s Queen Njinga was willing to shed (and occasionally drink) blood to establish a stable kingdom in an Africa ravaged by the slave trade. Caterina Sforza defended her Italian holdings with cannon and scimitar, and Indira Gandhi launched a war to solve a refugee crisis.

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The Book

The War Queens podcast is based in part on Jonathan and Emily Jordan’s book, The War Queens: Extraordinary Women Who Ruled the Battlefield.

“Masterfully captures the largely forgotten saga of warrior queens through the ages . . . an epic filled with victory, defeat, and legendary women.” —Patrick K. O’Donnell, bestselling author of The Indispensables

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The Music

Listen to the original theme music for The War Queens podcast by composer Tyler Cash.

Nathalie Emmanuel
The Presenter

Nathalie Emmanuel

Nathalie Emmanuel began her acting career appearing in theater in West End productions including The Lion King, and then gained international recognition for her role as Missandei in the HBO series Game of Thrones. She continued her career with roles in the Maze Runner film series, the Fast & Furious movies, and her leading role in The Invitation.

Emily Jordan
Co-Host & Writer

Emily Jordan

Emily Jordan is a native of Houston, Texas and is currently attending the University of Kentucky, where she speaks out on public health issues, interns in research on the opioid crisis, and studies nursing. “Giving the great women of history a voice has strengthened my own, and I want to share that with men and women of all ages,” she says.

Jonathan Jordan
Co-Host & Writer

Jonathan Jordan

Jonathan Jordan is a military historian and an award-winning author of three books, including the New York Times bestseller Brothers, Rivals, Victors. He is a regular book critic for the Wall Street Journal and the author of articles appearing in MHQ: The Quarterly Journal of Military History, World War II Magazine, and Military History.


Co-Host & Writer Emily Jordan
Co-Host & Writer Jonathan Jordan
Presenter Nathalie Emmanuel
Supervising Producer, Sound Designer Mark Francis
Additional Production Antonio Enriquez
Production Assistant Sydney Salk
Theme Music Tyler Cash
Executive Producers Jacob Bronstein, Mark Francis, Scott Waxman

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