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February 6, 2023

TheThings: “Alyssa McKay Spills the Tea on Her Brand New Podcast Drama”

Alyssa McKay has 2.5 Billion (yes, with a B) monthly views on Snapchat alone, 1.1 Million YouTube subscribers, 10.1 Million TikTok followers, and close to 1 Million on Instagram…and she’s still just getting warmed up.

Next on her list to world domination? Podcasting.

Not just any podcast, mind.

Alyssa is about to become the voice of Ella Sinclair – main character of the hugely popular The Paper Princess young adult novel by Erin Watt.

We sat down with Alyssa to hear more about the podcast adaptation of the book, The Royals of Malibu, how she got involved in the project, and why being part of a podcast drama is so different to the content she’s used to.

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